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Donald Gill
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Donald "Donny" Gill was a criminal who was given either Gregor Shapanka's original Blizzard costume or a close duplicate of it by agents of Justin Hammer. He was occasionally partnered with the Beetle and Blacklash (also known as Whiplash) as the "B-Team".

After Whiplash's death, Donny briefly became an employee of MODOK in yet another world takeover, but was quickly defeated by the Avengers. Angered by the fact that he had lost out once again, he found She-Hulk in a bar and preceded to freeze her in a block of ice, which she quickly snapped out of. However, as She-Hulk had had a hard day anyway, she refused to fight Donny; instead, she had him sit down next to her and carefully got him drunk before handing him over to the police.

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Voice actor info

  • In the video game, Blizzard is voiced by ????.

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