Based on the Marvel Team-Up comic series, you can recruit your favorite hero to fight along side you against Doctor Doom and Loki. The first wave of Team-Ups includes Spider-Man, Firestar, Magik and Falcon from the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Wave One

Spider-Man - The original Marvel Team-Up who started the comic series. This acrobatic hero uses his webs and spectacular agility to defeat enemies.

Firestar - An original from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Firestar generates and manipulates microwave radiation to generate heat and flames.

Magik - Wielder of the Soulsword and sister of Colossus, Illyana Rasputin uses her teleportation and magic abilities to assault foes.

Falcon - Armed with an impressive arsenal of weapons, this version of Falcon flies from the movie screen into Marvel Heroes.

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