• Cosmic Might Gloves


  • Cosmic

Type + character

  • Ballistic Gloves - Scarlet Witch

Basic stats/effects

  • +390 damage rating

Additional stats/effects

  • +5% attack speed
  • +232 damage rating on mental attacks
  • +4 to current rank of Corrosive Hex
  • 34% chance to cause bleed dealing 1040 damage on hit with a basic power
  • Regenerate 29 health when you hit with basic power

Cosmic Item

  • +1 to current rank of all powers
  • 9% chance when you hit to temporarily gain size and speed and deal 451 extra damage

Flavour text

  • The gloves are coming off! Not literally, of course. - Scarlet Witch

Sell price

  • 203 credits

Level requirement

  • 25

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