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Nothing is known about the indigenous Australian known only as Gateway prior to his forced servitude with the Reavers, a band of criminal cyborgs using his teleportational abilities to travel remote distances to loot and pillage. The Reavers held him hostage by threatening to irretrievably destroy one of his people's sacred places, forcing his ancestral spirits to become demonically enslaved and walk forever lost in otherdimensional "Dreamtime".

His true name apparently known only to himself, it was the Reavers who bestowed the moniker "Gateway", treating the man more as a utility, spending virtually every moment sitting atop a rock near their Outback base of operations. Tracking the Reavers from a Hong Kong raid, the X-Men defeated them in battle. The Reaver Skullbuster told Gateway he would be released from all obligations to the cyborgs if Gateway would use his powers to liberate them one last time. Agreeing, Skullbuster and two others made good their escape.

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