This feature gives the players the option to select synergy bonuses from 10 heroes at any one time. They will be rewarded for having heroes at level 25 and level 50.

Press V to see open the achievements pane, which includes Hero Synergies. A full achievement system is coming this Fall.

Adjust and “Apply Changes” in hub or training room. No cooldown or cost to change. (Take notes from my forum post to make this awesome)

As mentioned by the devs:

The Marvel universe is filled with stories about heroes supporting each other, swooping in to save the day or just providing logistical support to their teammates behind the scenes. The Hero Synergy System captures some of that feeling and provides an in-game reward for players who've established a solid bench of heroes.

This is how it works:

(1) A new interface screen allows you to control which synergies you have selected for which hero. Press V to go to this screen. The screen is called Achievements and will also house the achievement system that is planned for later this fall.

(2) Each of your heroes can select completely customized synergies from the ones you have available. A hero is welcome to use their own synergy if they wish.

For example: You could focus on melee and survivability synergies for Hulk Hulk and ranged and crit chance synergies for Cable Cable.

(3) Whenever you level up a hero to 25, it unlocks a synergy that becomes available to slot into your list of 10. If you level the hero to 50, it can make that synergy stronger or offer a different additional synergy.

For example: Blackpanther Black Panther unlocks a movement speed buff for your heroes at level 25 and a melee damage buff for your heroes at level 50. If you pick Black Panther as one of your 10 “slots” for a hero, they will get both bonuses.

(4) All of the hero synergies are flavored for the heroes. Cable Cable synergies buff crit chance, Wolverine Wolverine synergies buff brutal strikes, Rocketraccoon Rocket Raccoon synergies buff pets, Scarletwitch Scarlet Witch buffs damage with DOTs, etc.

(5) There is no cooldown or limit to the number of times you can adjust synergies for each of your heroes. As long as you are in a hub or training room.

(6) Every time a new hero is added to the game, they will bring new synergy options with them.

Example: Luke Cage brings an option to select Defense and Melee Damage buffs for your heroes. Squirrel Girl is the ultimate Doctor Doom slayer and bring buffs to damage against supervillian bosses.

(7) Activate synergies by toggling the corresponding buttons on the Synergy System panel. Once you toggle on the synergy and click "Apply", you will activate those buffs for your current hero. You can adjust and save these for each of your heroes.

The final bonuses are still in heavy testing and iteration, but here is a preview:

Blackpanther Black Panther has the only move speed buff (earned when you level Black Panther to 25) and provides a melee damage buff at 50. The level 25 synergy is very useful for leveling new heroes and the level 50 synergy is very useful for end-game.

Black Widow provides stealthy covert buffs – bonus damage against targets not attacking you. This is nice for ranged heroes, pet classes and stealth classes.

Cable Cable has simple buffs – bonus to critical hit chance.

Captain America gives your heroes a chance to deflect projectiles – extremely powerful for melee and ranged heroes survivability.

Colossus provides a sturdy health bonus when leveled to 25 and a solid tenacity bonus at level 50. Good for almost all heroes, but particularly melee heroes.

Cyclops gives the obvious bonus to energy damage at level 25 and is the one hero who provides an experience bonus buff when he reaches level 50 and has established himself as a team leader.

Daredevil Daredevil is the ultimate henchman hunter. He offers a damage bonus against all normal and elite enemies.

Deadpool has a special role in the Marvel universe as the hero who breaks the 4th wall. He offers an item rarity and special item find boost at level 25 and 50, respectively.

Emma Frost provides a bonus to AOE damage at level 25 and provides a chance to deal mental damage on hit at level 50.

Hawkeye Hawkeye’s deadly precision allows him to provide a bonus to critical damage at level 25 and 50.

Hulk Hulk offers bonus health at 25 and 50. He is the only hero that offers both levels of health buff.

Human Torch is the ultimate AOE machine and provides a damage boost to AOE and both level 25 and 50.

Iron Man is useful to ranged heroes and energy damage heroes, providing a damage bonus to both.

Jean Grey offers a strong bonus to both mental damage and energy damage.

Luke Cage offers bonus damage to defense (his trademark unbreakable skin) and melee damage – he’s the ultimate street fighter.

Ms. Marvel is pure damage – A bonus to energy damage at both level 25 and 50.

Punisher bonuses directly reward killing, granting a health and spirit bonus on kill.

Rocketraccoon Rocket Raccoon offers strong bonuses to health and damage of summoned pets and minions. Useful for many builds of various heroes.

Scarletwitch Scarlet Witch buffs damage with DOTs, very solid for certain builds on many heroes.

Spider-Man has the best dodge in the Marvel Universe and offers bonus dodge to your heroes, currently the most efficient survivability stat, at level 25 and 50.

Squirrel Girl has defeated Wolverine, Doctor Doom and even Thanos. Her buff is bonus damage to bosses for all types of attacks.

Storm Storm offers a bonus to Spirit, a stat important to all heroes and regarded highly by advanced players of many heroes.

Thing Thing really wants to tank. He gets a damage bonus to foes attacking him.

Thor Thor brings melee and lightning damage to the mix with a melee damage bonus at 25 and a lightning bolt proc at level 50.

Wolverine Wolverine is the most brutal of the group, with brutal strike chance at 25 and brutal damage at 50.

List of Synergy

Hero Lvl 25 lvl 50
Black Panther Black Panther +3% Move Speed +2% Melee Power Damage
Black Widow Black Widow +2% Unaware Target Damage +2% Unaware Target Damage
Cable Cable +1% Critical Chance +1% Critical Chance
Captain America Captain America +2% Deflect Projectile Chance +2% Deflect Projectile Chance
Colossus Colossus +3% Health +2% Physical Damage
CyclopsCyclops +2% Energy Damage +10% Bonus XP
Daredevil Daredevil +3% Damage vs. Normals/Elites +2% Melee Power Damage
Deadpool Deadpool +10% Rare Item Find +10% Special Item Find
Dr. Strange Dr. Strange +2% Mental Damage +2% Mental Damage
Emma Frost Emma Frost +2% Area Power Damage 2% Psi Blast on any hit
Gambit Gambit +5 Credits per Drop +10% Rare Item Find
Ghostrider Ghostrider +2% Mental Power Crit Chance +2% Mental Power Crit Chance
Hawkeye Hawkeye +2% Critical Damage +2% Critical Damage
Hulk Hulk +3% Health +3% Health
Human Torch Human Torch +2.5% Area Power Damage +2.5% Area Power Damage
Invisible Woman Invisible Woman +2% Energy Damage +2% Deflect Projectile Chance
Iron Man Iron Man +2% Ranged Power Damage +2% Energy Damage
Jean Grey Jean Grey +3% Mental Damage +3% Energy Damage
Juggernaut Juggernaut +3% Movement Power Damage +3% Movement Power Damage
Loki Loki +5% Damage to Slowed Targets -5% Spirit Cost for Powers
Luke Cage Luke Cage +2% Defense +2% Physical Damage
Magneto Magneto +4% Area Power Damage +10% Orb Pickup Radius
Moon Knight Moon Knight +2% Physical Power Crit Chance +2% Physical Power Crit Chance
Mr. Fantastic Mr. Fantastic 5% Crafting Discount +4% Critical Damage
Ms. Marvel Ms. Marvel +2% Energy Damage +2% Energy Damage
Nightcrawler Nightcrawler +2% Melee Power Damage +2% Melee Power Damage
Nova Nova +3% Move Speed +2% Dodge Chance
Psylocke Psylocke +3% Mental Damage +3% Physical Damage
Punisher Punisher Health on enemy defeat Spirit on enemy defeat
Rogue Rogue Health on any hit 1 Spirit on any hit
Rocket Raccoon Rocket Raccoon +5% Pet and Minion Damage +5% Pet and Miniom Health
Scarlet Witch Scarlet Witch +2% DoT Power Damage +2% DoT Power Damage
Silver Surfer Silver Surfer +3% Move Speed +2% Energy Damage
Spider-Man Spider-Man +1% Dodge Chance +1% Dodge Chance
Squirrel Gril Squirrel Girl +2% Damage vs. Bosses +2% Damage vs. Bosses
Star-lord Star-lord +2% Energy Power Crit Chance +2% Energy Power Crit Chance
Storm Storm +10 Spirit +10 Spirit
Taskmaster Taskmaster +1% Projectile Deflect Chance, 1% Dodge Chance +1% Critical Damage, +1% Melee Power Damage
Thing Thing +2% Attacking Target Damage +2% Attacking Target Damage
Thor Thor +3% Physical Damage 3% Energy Damage
VenomVenom +3% Health +5% Damage If Below 50% HP
Wolverine Wolverine +2% Brutal Strike Chance +5% Brutal Damage
X-23 X-23 +2% Damage vs Bleeding +2% Damage vs Bleeding


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