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Iron Man
Organization: Avengers Avengers
Real Name: Tony Stark
How to Obtain: 600 Eternity Splinter / Cash Shop
Base Stats
Durability: DurabilityIconDurabilityIconDurabilityIconDurabilityIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIcon   4
Strength: StrengthIconStrengthIconStrengthIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIcon   3
Fighting Skills: SkillsIconSkillsIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIcon   2
Speed: SpeedIconSpeedIconSpeedIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIcon   3
Energy Projection: EnergyIconEnergyIconEnergyIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIcon   3
Iron Man Extremis Costume Intelligence: IntelligenceIconIntelligenceIconIntelligenceIconIntelligenceIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIcon   4
During a visit to the Persian Gulf to show off the latest Stark Industries weaponry, Tony Stark was captured by the enemy and forced to build a new super weapon. Instead (with the assistance of renowned physicist and fellow prisoner Ho Yinsen) Stark crafted the first version of his now-famous powered battle armor. He soon escaped captivity, though Yinsen gave his life to buy Stark the few extra moments he needed to activate his armor.

Since that day, Stark has lived two lives: one as the playboy industrialist in charge of Stark Industries, and the other as the high-flying golden Avenger known as Iron Man!

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Voice actor info

  • In the video game, Iron Man is voiced by Marc Worden.

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