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  • [Defeating boss] "Don't get up or I'll make you dance!"
  • [Defeating boss] "I'm not giving you a second thought!"
  • [Defeating boss] "Just be glad I'm in a nice mood."
  • [Defeating boss] "Just like the Professor taught us."
  • [Defeating boss] "The Professor would be proud."
  • [Defeating boss] "Ugh, I must strained my brain on that one."
  • [Defeating boss] "You know, I could've rearranged your face. Literally."
  • [Defeating boss] "Your mind will recover. Eventually."
  • [Finding item] "Right where I thought it would be."
  • [Inventory full] "I've no idea where to put that."
  • [Inventory full] "Maybe I'll come back for this."
  • [Inventory full] "That's too much for me to carry."
  • [Learning new powers] (nervously) "I hope I can master this power!"
  • [Learning new powers] "Time to enhance my thinking."
  • [Level up] "I control the power. It doesn't control me."
  • [Level up] "More power can be dangerous."
  • [Level up] "The Professor would be proud of me."
  • [Level up] (in faltering voice) "I can feel my power rising!"
  • [Low health] "I didn't plan for this..."
  • [Low health] (weakly) "Must hold myself together!"
  • [Low health] "Noo, I can't fail now!"
  • [New skill] "I hope I can master this power."
  • [New skill] "Time to enhance my thinking."
  • [Out of spirit] (painfully) "A moment, please!"
  • [Out of spirit] "Can't... focus!"
  • [Out of spirit] (weakly) "I may felt my limit..."
  • [Out of spirit] "Need to gather my thoughts..."
  • [Revived] "Ahh, you can't keep an X-man down."
  • [When summoned] "Doesn't take a mind-reader to see that you need my help."
  • [When summoned] "Don't worry, I can keep the power under control... I think."
  • [When summoned] (agitated) "Enough practice, I'm ready for action!"
  • [When summoned] "Excellent, I'll take it from here!"
  • [When summoned] "I'm here to put your mind at ease."
  • [When summoned] "Need a little brainpower?"
  • [When summoned] "Somebody call for a telepath?"
  • [When summoned] "Somehow I knew I'd see action today!"
  • [When summoned] "Ready for a battle of wits?"


  • [Defeating Magneto] "Don't feel bad, Magneto, I've had a lot of practice beating you."
  • [Defeating Wizard] "Give it up, Wizard, your mind is an open book to me."
  • [Encountering Bullseye] "Throw something at me, Bullseye, and you'll get it right back!"
  • [Encountering Doctor Doom] "That armor can't protect your mind!"
  • [Encountering Mister Sinister] (crossly) "Sinister, your butchery ends today!"
  • [Encountering Rhino] "Wow, Rhino DOES only think abot running."
  • [Ending Smash HYDRA!] "Sounds like we off to Latveria then."
  • [Ending Tablet of Life and Time] "I think you just messed with wrong mutant."
  • [Ending The Tablet Chase] "I don't beleive Kingpin will give us the tablet, but I'd hate to disappoint Professor."
  • [Entering Hydra Outpost] (painfully) "I can hear the thoughts of the captive agents!"
  • [Entering Kingpin's Collection] "Now that looks like where you'd keep a mystical tablet."
  • [Entering Landing Pad] (nervously) "I sense tremendous chaos in this place."
  • [Entering Lowtown, Wretched Slum, Base Sewers] "I can feel them... so many minds in pain!"
  • [Entering MGH Factory] "I'm tempted to mindwipe every single one of you!"
  • [Entering Sinister Lab] (agitated) "I can sense Bishop's thoughts! He's trapped here somewhere!"
  • [Entering Suspicious Campsite, Doomstadt] "I sense anger here. Anger and... pain."
  • [Entering The Hood's Hideout] "Now, now, you didn't really think you can hide from a psychic?"
  • [Defeating Bullseye] "I guess I can think faster than you can throw."
  • [Defeating Green Goblin] (lamentably) "Such an unstable mind.. I almost feel sorry for him."
  • [Starting Doom's Lethal Legion] "More villians to find? Good, I was almost getting bored."
  • [Starting Infestation Most Vile] "Calling this situation inhuman doesn't even begin to cover it!"
  • [Starting Purification Crusade] "Professor, you know me, you didn't even have to ask!"
  • [Starting Smash HYDRA!] "You may not be an X-Man, Fury, but you're still one of the good guys. I'm in."
  • [Starting Stryker Under Siege] (uneasily) "A new weapon for killing mutants? I don't like the sound of that."
  • [Starting The Eyes of S.H.I.E.L.D.] "If half of what Logan told me about the Hand is true... this might be interesting trip."
  • [Starting The Kingpin Falls] "Feels good to come clean, doesn't it?"

Character Specific

  • [To Captain America Captain America] "Cap, I really didn't met anyone, whose imagination was in black and white."
  • [To Captain America Captain America] "Cap, your mind is so clean, it squeaks."
  • [To Colossus Colossus] "Oh, Peter, under that metal skin you just a big softie."
  • [To Cyclops Cyclops] "Just like the danger room, Scott. You set 'em up, I'll knock 'em down."
  • [To Cyclops Cyclops] (fondly) "Oh, Scott, I've been thinking about you too."
  • [To Cyclops Cyclops] (snicker) "Scott, wanna catch up a movie after we beat the bad guys?"
  • [To Cyclops Cyclops] (softly) "Scott, you know you're always on my mind."
  • [To Cyclops Cyclops] "What's the plan, Scott?"
  • [To Deadpool Deadpool] "No, Deadpool, I will not read your mind. Not after last time."
  • [To Emma Frost Emma Frost] "Move your eyes off my boyfriend, Emma, or I'll move them for you."
  • [To Emma Frost Emma Frost] (mockingly) "You know, Emma, I can read minds with my clothes ON."
  • [To Gambit Gambit] "Gambit, does your mind just LIVE in a gutter?"
  • [To Nightcrawler Nightcrawler] "Kurt, have you and Logan got into trouble AGAIN?"
  • [To Storm Storm] "The outlook always seems clear with you around, Storm."
  • [To Wolverine Wolverine] "I don't need telepathy to see what's on your mind, Logan."
  • [To Wolverine Wolverine] "I know that look, Logan. Have you been fighting again?"
  • [To Wolverine Wolverine] (angrily) "Logan, don't even think about... uh, too late."
  • [To Wolverine Wolverine] (stern) "Logan, personal space. Don't make me enforce it."
  • [To Wolverine Wolverine] "Your healing factor is good, Logan, but some scars can't be healed."


  • "Aand, fall down."
  • [Against Dinosaurs] "Mm, reptile brain."
  • [Against Serpent-Men, Mutates] "No matter what the shape, there's still a brain inside."
  • "And stay down!"
  • "And that was a gentle push!"
  • "And who's next?"
  • "Aww, headache?"
  • "Aww, need an aspirine?"
  • "Back off!"
  • "Better think again."
  • "Did you all learn something there?"
  • "DON'T make me mad!"
  • "Don't mess with a redhead."
  • "Don't mess with mutants!"
  • "Don't think I'm sorry."
  • "Fall down already!"
  • "Gave you a piece of my mind!"
  • "Give up yet?"
  • "Hold that thought!"
  • "I bet that hurt."
  • "I can take out twice that many!"
  • "I have more where that came from!"
  • "I hope your friends paid attention."
  • "I knew that would work."
  • "I'm tougher than I look!"
  • "I thought you might fall down."
  • "I've been practicing."
  • "Plenty more where that came from."
  • "Psyche!"
  • "Pushover."
  • (nervously) "Stay in control, Jean."
  • "That could've gone worse for you."
  • "That's another TKO, telekinetic knockout!"
  • "That's telekinesis at work."
  • (ironically) "That won't slow me down."
  • "Think fast!"
  • "Think twice next time."
  • "Time for your nap!"
  • "Took YOU down!"
  • "Too slow!"
  • "Yeah, that worked."
  • "You need a better plan."
  • "You're outthought and outfought."
  • "Your mind is no threat to me."

Property Damage

  • (sigh) "I hate when things get messy."
  • "I hope nobody needed that."
  • "I prefer minimal property damage."
  • "My apologies."
  • "Sorry about that!"
  • "That was a demonstration."
  • "Well, it WAS in a way."


  • "All this power... and nowhere to point it!"
  • "Finally, a chance to clear our heads."
  • "Honestly? This still beats grading papers at the mansion."
  • "*sigh* I don't get enough of these quiet moments."
  • "It is time to act!"
  • "This reminds of the infinite void of space!"

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