Jessica Jones
Character - Jessica Jones
Real Name
Jessica Cambell Jones
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Jessica Jones was a normal woman until a car accident doused her with chemicals and put her into a coma. She had attended high-school with Peter Parker, and they had shared several classes together. It was only years later, after he revealed his identity to the "Secret Avengers" (and her), that she told him that she had had a crush on him. This made her husband, Luke Cage, a little jealous. She had also had a crush on the Human Torch when she was younger.

Jessica emerged from her coma around the time the Fantastic Four first encountered Galactus, an event in which tremendous energies were given off. After her recovery, Jessica discovered that she had developed superhuman powers. She attempted to become a super heroine, calling herself Jewel, but did not have much success. While trying out her powers, she accidentally crash-landed on the Scorpion, who was robbing a laundromat. This was enough to stun him so he could be apprehended.

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