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The robot named Jocasta was built by the robot Ultron in order that he might have a mate. To better allow this robot sentience, Ultron brainwashed his own maker, Henry Pym, into transferring the mind of his wife, Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp, into Jocasta's shell. The Wasp, in Jocasta's body, alerted her teammates, the Avengers, who defeated Ultron and reversed the process, leaving Jocasta a mindless husk.

Ultron later revived Jocasta with a remote link, activating the mental "residue" the Wasp left behind. Jocasta was programmed to be loyal to Ultron but eventually betrayed him, choosing to help the Avengers defeat him again. Afterwards, Jocasta adventured with the Avengers for a brief time, but never felt accepted, and left them just before she, unbeknownst to her, was to be made an official member.

Wandering the country, Jocasta was controlled by a pre-programmed suggestion to rebuild Ultron. She did, but soon teamed up with the Fantastic Four member, the Thing, and the robot called Machine Man to defeat Ultron. Sacrificing herself to try to kill Ultron, Ultron nevertheless survived until Machine Man reached down his throat to tear out vital circuitry. The Avengers held a memorial for their fallen ally, and the Machine Man attended, realizing his love for Jocasta.

Jocasta was reassembled some time later by agents of the megalomaniac villain, the High Evolutionary. Jocasta retained enough of her programming to signal the Avengers and soon teamed with them to thwart the Evolutionary's plans to alter the people of Earth. Jocasta sacrificed herself once again to blow up the Evolutionary's base, but not before Captain America assured her that she was a true Avenger.

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  • Prologue: Trouble at the Raft
    • Jocasta is located in the Prologue instance version of Avengers Tower and hands you your very first mission: Trouble at the Raft
  • After accepting the mission, Jocasta can still be interacted with and has several spoken lines as well as lines appearing in a text box.
    • Quotes:
      • "I have upgraded my customer service software package."
      • "Kill all humans! Oh, pardon me, just a glitch. How can I help you?."
      • "Relax! I have had no Ultron-related malfunction in weeks."
    • Text Boxes:
  • Although most NPCs you can interact with politely turn and face your character, Jocasta does not.
  • Jocasta is notably absent in the regular version of Avengers Tower after you have completed the Prologue.

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