• Legacy of Punchclops


  • Special (Unique Item)

Bound to

Basic stats/Effects

  • 873 Defense

Additional stats/Effects

  • +1 Strength
  • 12%-12% chance to stun target when you hit with Trained Punch
  • +9%-9% attack speed (Fighting Powers)
  • +1119-1119 health
  • -10%-10% cost to any Fighting Power (DISCOUNT PUNCH!)
  • +526-526 Dodge Rating
  • +6 to current rank of all Cyclops' 'Fighting' Powers
  • +12 to Current Rank of Trained Punch

Item Quote

  • Coming Soon: Punchclops vs. Wolverine!

Sell Price

  • 159 Credits

Level Requirement

  • Level 60


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