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  • [When Summoned] "Time to teach somebody a lesson."
  • [Defeat Boss] "Thought you were some badass villain."
  • [Defeat Enemy] "Luke Cage just shut you down."
  • [Defeat Enemy] "Come on back anytime."
  • [Defeat Enemy] "Face it, you're done."
  • [Defeat Enemy] "Didn't even work up a sweat."
  • [Summons Iron Fist}] "Quit your meditatin' and let's go bust some heads."

Character Specific

  • [To Black Widow Black Widow] "Hey Tasha, who you working for this week?"
  • [To Captain America Captain America] "You know Cap, I don't say this to many dudes, but I respect the hell out of you."
  • [To Colossus Colossus] "Steel skin's the easy part, kid. Looking this cool takes work."
  • [To Cyclops Cyclops] "Hey Cyke, you got a lot of brass for a skinny kid wearing glasses."
  • [To Daredevil Daredevil] "I like you Devil. You don't even see the color of a man's skin"
  • [To Doctor Strange Doctor Strange] "Don't do that hocus pocus stuff around me, Doc. It freaks me out."
  • [To Hawkeye Hawkeye] "Hey Hawkeye, it's hard to take you seriously wearing that getup."
  • [To Iron Man Iron Man] "Tony, five minutes in my neighborhood and your armor would be on blocks and stripped down for parts."
  • [To Ms. Marvel Ms. Marvel] "Never met a lady who can throw a punch like you, Carol."
  • [To Nova Nova] "We could use someone with that kind of firepower at Heroes for Hire, Nova"
  • [To Punisher Punisher] "Don't bring you war onto my streets! You hear me, Punisher?"
  • [To Rocket Raccoon Rocket Raccoon] "Wait. Are you with the squirrel kid?"
  • [To Spider-Man Spider-Man] "Friendly neighborhood Spider-man. What neighborhood is that?"
  • [To Squirrel Girl Squirrel Girl] "Squirrels, now I've seen everything."
  • [To War Machine War Machine] (chuckles) "Hey man, you ever get tired of running errands for Tony Stark?"
  • [To Wolverine Wolverine] "You pack a whole lot of mean in that body, short stuff."
  • [To Thing Thing] "Hey, Ben, what's a guy gotta do to get invited to one of your poker games?"


  • "I haven't been this bored since my days in the slammer."
  • "What are you waiting for? Permission."

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