Mole Man
Character - Mole Man
Real Name
Harvey Rupert Elder
Primary Team
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Harvey Elder's bizarre physical appearance caused him to be shunned and ridiculed since childhood. Believing that total loneliness would be better than the cruelty shown to him by other people, the Mole Man decided to exile himself from humanity. He began searching for the legendary land at the center of the Earth. Finally, when he was about to abandon hope, his skiff washed ashore on a deserted island, which he named Monster Isle. There, the Mole Man discovered a cavern leading deep underground. His enthusiastic shouts triggered an avalanche, which he survived, but at the cost of most of his eyesight.

Nevertheless, the Mole Man made himself ruler of a wide empire in the underground realm he called Subterranea (Subterranea does not actually lie at the center of the Earth, but instead consists of a seemingly planet wide network of caverns lying miles beneath Earth's surface.) In this underground world he discovered a race of semi-humanoid creatures called subterraneans. The Mole Man controlled the race known as the Moloids, which were distinguished from other Subterranean races by their pale yellow skin color. The Mole Man also found and mastered highly advanced technological devices which had been created and abandoned by the race of Deviants. Furthermore, the Mole Man discovered and learned to control a large number of non-humanoid monsters, which either may have been descendants of beings created through genetic manipulation by the Deviants, or may have been uncivilized, in some cases nearly mindless, highly mutated Deviants themselves. The Mole Man also developed a natural "radar sense" that enabled him to sense things in the subterranean darkness.

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  • In the video game, Mole Man is voiced by Roger Rose.

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