Old Lace Pet


Old Lace was a genetically engineered deinonychus (though she was originally believed to have been a velociraptor) which Gertrude Yorkes inherited her from her supervillain parents, who sought to have Old Lace used as a weapon to fight superheroes.

Old Lace got her name from Gert Yorkes, who had temporarily been using "Arsenic" as her codename (essentially making the pair Arsenic and Old Lace, after the play and film of the same name). Though Gertrude later dropped the codename after deciding that some things from her parents (such as her real name) were worth keeping, Old Lace's name stuck.

More information...

Pet Effects

  • Calls Old Lace pet to your side. Right-click to call or dismiss your pet. Calling one pet dismisses any other pet in play.

Level Requirement

  • None

Item Price

  • 1250 Gs

Sell Price

  • 500 Credits


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