Content Additions



  • Reduced the healing of endgame affix “Heals on Injured” .
  • If you are in a login queue you will now see a message telling you your queue position. Players can press the cancel button to cancel out of the queue

Bug Fixes

  • Cinematics Button is now correctly populated with all four “Chronicles Of Doom” motion comics as well as the game’s opening cinematic.
  • NPCs are now properly awarding Fortune Cards for every ten cube shards turned in.
  • Fixed the “Craft Visual Artifact to Costume” crafting recipe so that it will now properly use the correct artifacts as materials.
  • Fixed an issue in which Rested Experience was not being deducted properly.

Known Major Issues

  • Guild functionality is currently disabled, and War Machine has been temporarily removed from the game. This functionality will be re-enabled as soon as possible.
  • French and German localization is almost, but not entirely complete; some English text may be found.
  • Store icon for Spider-Man displays an incorrect costume; Spider-Man comes equipped with his Modern costume, not the Classic costume shown.
  • Powers that deal damage over time currently cannot score critical hits.
  • After being defeated by Pyro, there is a chance that players will be brought back to Xavier’s School rather than the beginning of the instance where Pyro is found.
  • Cars may not respawn in city environments.
  • Defeating the Green Goblin on the Raft will give you a hero token even if you have all of the Starter Heroes; this is not the final design.
  • Elite and Champion Mobs do not have the correct health.


  • Sound may be lost intermittently after changing locations.
  • Rapid fire powers may erroneously stack sound effects.
  • The loading screen sound has been temporarily disabled.


  • Find Agent Baker: Agent Baker does not spawn, so mission cannot be completed.
  • Some ‘Discovery’ missions may not trigger correctly.

UI And In-Game Store:

  • Red Mission Arrows do not trigger until getting extremely close to the appropriate mission objective.
  • Clicking on a vendor may not send your hero directly to them.

Endgame – Daily Missions:

Avenger’s Mansion:

  • Green Daily – Castle Doom – Mini Map appears to be unpopulated and shows nothing. o Red Daily – Abandoned Subway - Shocker's AI intermittently stops working. He won't attack, but he'll turn to face you.

Xavier’s School/SHIELD Helicarrier:

  • Green Daily – Castle Doom – Doctor Doom’s number of affixes change depending on his form rather than staying constant as intended.
  • Green Daily – Castle Doom - Doctor Doom’s number of affixes change depending on his form rather than staying constant as intended.


  • Bloodstone Lion: Visual effects appear incorrectly.
  • Green Goblin Medal: Green Goblin Medal poison cloud is invisible.


  • Some emotes are not working for Cable, Deadpool.
  • Flight powers can get locked when flying over food trucks.

Black Widow

•Acrobatic Assault: This power can miss if the enemy is running towards you.

Black Panther

•Some gear icons are black silhouettes – gear can still be equipped.

Captain America

•Aggressive Shout: The power has both a 10 second buff and an ongoing (lasts until turned off) buff. Only one of them is shown.
•Invigorating Shout: The power has a 10-second buff and an ongoing (lasts until turned off) effect, but it does not show either of them. Health regeneration does not show up on character sheet


•Searing Shot: Visual Effects when hitting enemy are not seen.
•Some powers’ synergies are not working correctly.
•Cable currently does not gain any stat points from leveling up.


•Lingering Boon: Tooltip is incorrect. Each rank actually extends aura duration by 2 seconds.
•Osmium Punch: This power may cause spirit regeneration to cease.

Jean Grey

•Jean Grey may become “locked” in a state in which she cannot use powers from her current form.

Rocket Raccoon

•Forceful Shot: Power unlocks at level 12 and should unlock at level 10.
•Tactical Destruction: Tooltip does not correctly display bonus damage from shield cost.
•Time Dilator: Enemies within the edge of the visual effects appear to not be slowed.


•Evasive Websling: If there is no enemy targeted, power will land in the incorrect location.


•Regeneration Boost: Tooltip is incorrect. Power does not spend Fury to gain health faster as described.
•Smell Weakness: Damage vulnerability is causing the enemy to take less damage rather than more.
•Character sheet does not reflect health regeneration from Healing Factor (but displays resistances from passive powers).

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