Relics are powerful fragments of epic civilizations in the Marvel universe.

Relics have their own new item slot and can be found on any enemy type and are affected by Special Item Find.

Relics can stack up to 999 in the new Relic slot. Once stacked together, they may not be unstacked. Relics may not be traded and are bound to a hero once used.

Each relic in a stack confers two advantages: +1 health for each relic in the stack, up to +999 health for a complete stack, and a bonus to one additional stat - with gradual diminishing returns as you add more and more relics.

There are currently 7 different relic types in the game, including crit damage, move speed, melee damage, ranged damage, thorns, lifesteal and spirit.

Getting a full stack of relics could take weeks or months but completing a full stack will end up granting 999 health and an extremely large bonus to another stat.

List of Relics


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