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Rangedicon  Rocket Raccoon
Rocket raccoon
Organization: Guardians of the Galaxy
Real Name: Rocket Raccoon
How to Obtain: 400 Eternity Splinter / Cash Shop
Base Stats
Durability: DurabilityIconDurabilityIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIcon   2
Strength: StrengthIconStrengthIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIcon   2
Fighting Skills: SkillsIconSkillsIconSkillsIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIcon   3
Speed: SpeedIconSpeedIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIcon   2
Energy Projection: EnergyIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIcon   1
Rocket Raccoon Modern Costume Intelligence: IntelligenceIconIntelligenceIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIconEmptyBoxIcon   2
Rocket Raccoon is a space-faring adventurer whose small size and adorable features belie his unparalleled bravery and loyal soul. He hails from the bizarre planet Halfworld, which is occupied by a variety of sentient animals.

Rocket uses his brilliant tactical mind, excellent marksmanship, and very large guns against a variety of interstellar threats. He often works with—and sometimes leads—the Guardians of the Galaxy in defense of various endangered worlds. Some of his friends think Rocket might have a touch of OCD, but what raccoon doesn't wash his hands a dozen times a day?

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Voice actor info

  • In the video game, Rocket Raccoon is voiced by Steven Blum.

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