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Galactic Guardian

  • Quick Shot Quick Shot - Fires a pistol shot that damages the first enemy in its path. (Level 1)
    • Forceful Shot - Fires a powerful shot from your blaster that knocks down the first enemy in its path. (Level 12 + Quick Shot)
  • Personal Defscreen - Activate a personal energy field that negates some damage. (Level 2)
    • Tactical Destruction - Hold down the hotkey, then release to fire a devastating shot that blasts every enemy in its path. This power deals additional damage by draining your shield capacity. (Level 20 + Personal Defscreen)
  • Energy Barrage - Hold down the hotkey to fire a continuous barrage of energy beams. (Level 8)
  • Rocket Pack - Hold down the hotkey to activate your rocket-pack and fly above enemies and obstacles. (Level 18)
  • Big Flarkin' Gun - Wait, how does he even CARRY a gun that big? (Level 24)

Tactical Genius

  • Cunning Shot - Roll out of combat, firing a blaster shot that slows enemies. (Level 3)
  • Blaster Turret - Set up an automated turret that blasts your enemies. Turret health, damage, and defenses scale up with rank. (Level 4)
    • Time Dilator - Set up a high-tech gadget that slows nearby enemies and projectiles. Turret health and defenses scale up with ranks. (Level 12 + Blaster Turret)
    • Shield Generator - Set up a large force bubble that deflects enemy projectiles. Turret health and defenses scale up with ranks. (Level 14 + Time Dialator)
    • Suppression Turret - Set up an automated turret that stuns your enemies. Turret health and defenses scale up with ranks. (Level 26 + Shield Generator) 
  • Stun Grenade - Toss a grenade that stuns nearby enemies when it explodes. (Level 10)
  • Gravity Mine - Toss a device that redirects gravity to pull all enemies toward it. (Level 20)
  • Cunning Plan - Devise a tactical approach that allows you and your teammates to dodge attacks. (Level 24)

Space Raccoon

  • Power RocketRaccoon BasicPunch Pistol Whip - Surprise your enemy with a strike that might stun a foe. (Level 1)
  • Shrewd Dude - [Passive] Your size and cunning make you a hard target to hit. (Level 1)
  • Burrowing Escape - Burrow underground to another location, causing enemies to briefly ignore you. (Level 6)
  • Procyonid Senses - [Passive] Nearby enemies can't hide from your keen raccoon senses. (Level 12)
  • Timely Recovery - End all negative conditions effecting you. If you end a negative condition, you get a short speed boost. (Level 16)
  • My Friend Groot - Summon your big buddy, the mighty sentient tree 'Groot', to fight your enemies. Groot's health, defenses and damage scale up with ranks. (Level 30)

Ultimate Power

  • Spatial Warp Array - Set up a device that immobilizes nearby enemies and prevents enemies from using teleportation and summoning powers.

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