The Hood
Character - The Hood
Real Name
Parker Robbins
Primary Team
NPC Type


After seeing Electro fight Daredevil as a child, the life of a super-villain enticed Parker Robbins. With a mother in need of constant medical care, he soon dropped out of high school to steal money to give her better care. His cousin, John told him about some valuable material perfect to steal at a nearby warehouse, and together, they broke into it.

Finding only evidence of a mystical séance, they were about to leave when they were attacked by a demon in a cloak. Parker shot the being, and assumed he killed it. Not wanting to leave empty-handed, he stole the being's red cloak and boots. On the way home, he was jumped for his shoes, and used the boots to escape. Upon finding that the boots gave him the ability to walk on air[1], he took the cloak over to John's apartment, where he found that the cloak gave him powers as well (originating from the demon Dormammu, unbeknown to him).

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Voice actor info

  • In the video game, Hood is voiced by David Boat.

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