Trouble at the Raft is the first mission received by all players at the beginning of the game. This mission begins in the (instanced version) Avengers Tower given by Jocasta, and takes place at the Raft which is part of the Prologue.


HYDRA is attacking the super-villain prison known as the Raft!

High-profile inmates such as Rhino and Electro have already escaped, and S.H.I.E.L.D. needs your help to keep the situation from getting even worse.

Vision can fly you to the Raft on a Quinjet. Once you get there, you must reactivate the security system, restore the main power grid, and lock down the cell block to prevent any further prisoners escapes.


After accepting the mission from Jocasta:

  • Travel to the Raft.

After you have arrived on the Raft:

  • Reactivate Security System.
  • Restore Main Power Grid.
  • Lock Down Cell Block Alpha.






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